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    Voice Acting & Animated Faces:

    With a talented cast of voice actors and actresses, watch and listen as the scenes come to life! Featuring talents such as Cristina Vee (K-On!), Lucien Dodge (Dust: An Elysian Tail), Erik Kimerer (Magi), Edwyn Tiong (Dust: An Elysian Tail), and many, many more!

    Custom and Original Graphics:

    With RMXP’s graphics as a mere placeholder, we have a number of artists working on bringing about all original maps, sprites, and HUDs. Embark on a grand adventure across a beautifully designed world!

    Original Artwork:

    Originally designed characters and art by M. Beatriz García (Deji)! From visually striking characters and animated faces, to originally designed GUI! Deji has poured her heart and soul into bringing a face to each of the diverse and complex characters that can be found in Dies Irae! Further complimented by the amazing voice acting!

    Huge World:

    During the creation of the story, Gaia’s world became massive. Now with the ability to play the story; I have designed a huge world spanning six kingdoms. With tons of optional dungeons and locations, there will be hours worth of gameplay! Explore this beautifully crafted world of wonder and find yourself trapped by his beauty.

    Original Soundtrack:

    Through the many talents of Jamaal Ephriam we are set on a full soundtrack! Ranging from the original opening theme to a song that will fit every moment! Bringing to life each dramatic scene and twist; and drawing you even further into the world of Gaia.

    Crafting System:

    So you think you can just go into town and spend your spoils of war do you? Dies Irae takes a different take on the shop system and encourages players to set their own course on upgrading their arsenal. Money is scarce and only something humans drop. Most drops are from the monsters and animals of Gaia; using their pelts, scales and meat to craft your own armor and food! Sell the excess and shop carefully!

    Harness the Power of ALL Phantatiom Elements:

    As Esther, learn and master the power within all six Phantatiom Elements! As Lucius, take charge of a diverse team of Users of all elements! In both stories, learn the ins and outs, weaknesses and strengths that each element possesses to bring complete and utter devastation to your enemies!

    Esther’s Dual Element Ability:

    With the ability to equip two spells at once, Esther can find herself both supporting the team and devastating the battle field! Combine elements to unleash special combinations! As Esther, you do not need to rely on a partner with a corresponding spell; but rather, you can combine two of your own spells to create even more devastating unknown spells!

    Combo spells:

    Using the right combination of characters will allow you to make combo attacks with your spells. Having one character who uses Fire cast a spell and another that uses Wind, you can create quite the devastating attack.






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