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    In the beginning, the Goddess Evangeline dreamt of a world full of life and wonders. Through this dream, she gave birth to Gaia. Nevertheless, Gaia, being the embodiment of life, remained silent. This was in no way the dream she had, had. Thus she then created the Phantatiom Elements; six crystal substances that gave not only balance to all of Gaia, but also company. Alas, this as well, was not enough. Her dream was so much more, so much grander and vast.

    ‘Twas then that she created the humans; they were to inhabit Gaia as its residence. They were also to coincide with the Phantatiom Elements. It was through their vast numbers that each and every one remained an individual. So different, that the life the Goddess Evangeline once dreamt of, had finally come to fruition; through the humans distinct differences and interactions.

    As a gift to her children, for bringing her such joy, happiness and fulfillment, she rewarded them with the four Kingdoms of Gaia. However, there was but one condition. That the humans take care of the Phantatiom Elements; for, she said, “without a single one, the world you live on, the plants and the animals and all life as you know it shall end if even a single one is destroyed. Take care of that in which I give you as I do you, my children.”

    Humanity obliged to this condition and the four Kingdoms of Gaia sprouted out from Gaia. Magnificent constructs; they served as havens in which would protect humanity from all danger—the greatest of which, being one another. Also, in their wake, two more kingdoms were brought forth; in sake of keeping all the Phantatiom Elements safe, and more so, continued bringing perfect balance to Gaia. These two kingdoms, however, were separated from the rest of the world. One, hidden in the sky, and the other, deep below the soil of Gaia.

    However… this glorious dream would soon find itself tainted in blood as ego’s and ideal’s clashed.

    It was but a mere thousand years ago, when a war that would nearly bring Gaia to the brink of extinction occurred. With the Goddess of Creation–Evangeline–now dead, and the six Phantatiom Elements in which kept Gaia in balance now destroyed… the world faced it’s demise; known unto history as Díes Írae. It was then, when Gaia was face to face with it’s greatest tragedy that a young boy–known only by the alias ZION–did the one thing that the Goddess Evangeline could not, and created a seventh Phantatiom Element known as Memory. With this, all balance had once again been restored to Gaia, at the cost of his life.

    The people, with a new understand and respect, began to rebuild and grow. Through the Memory Phantatiom Element, the shattered remnants of the Phantatiom Crystal’s had managed to plant themselves within the humans of Gaia. And through the centuries, the remnants had began to evolve as the humans did until they had reached a fully–yet spiritual–crystallized state. Thus granting humanity the power of the elements. With such, Users and Genius’ were born.

    Times seemed peaceful; with more strife within each of the kingdoms than outside.


    The dark secrets of the ancient war–Prologue to Díes Írae–begin to surface. What was never written upon histories pages… the truth humanity was blinded from seeing… will rise forth and within it’s flames of retribution, bring Gaia once again to the brink of annihilation. A calamity is about to be reborn and with it… the world of Gaia shall once again face it’s judgment day–Dies Irae.

    Who are the heroes? And who are the enemies? What truly transpired a thousand years prior? Only the secrets hidden deep within the Memory Crystal will tell.

    Thus, our story begins.





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