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    The story of Díes Írae takes place in the fictional world of Gaia; created by the Goddess of Creation, Evangeline. Following it’s creation, the Goddess Evangeline created the Phantatiom Elements–which governed the eternal balance of Gaia–and finally, the humans who inhabit Gaia. As a gift to the humans, six Kingdoms were created in order to keep the governing Phantatiom Elements safe; along with each provenances citizens.

    History of Gaia and Prologue to Dies Irae

    What is truth and what is fiction is now debatable as the denizens of Gaia have forgotten their history. Legend once spoke of a boy named ZION who hid behind a mask and wielded all the elements; in an attempt to save Gaia from itself, he plunged it into darkness instead. Though in the midst of this chaos, he managed to save all as he sacrificed his life in order to create one final Phantatiom Element; Memory.

    This time was later known unto scholars as Prologue to Dies Irae. It was the beginning and the end; it served as merely a taste of what Gaia would eventually suffer were it to not change its ways. For during this time, Emperors and Empress’ alike took up arms and waged war against one another; all in sake of preserving their memory in histories pages. Whether or not it was blood or tears; they refused to eventually be nothing, and instead, wished to live on as a memory.

    The citizens of the six kingdoms suffered greatly for the vanity of their rulers; and as much as the Goddess Evangeline cried, no one could no longer hear her. Her voice, much like her existances, had become dull and distant. However, ZION was said to have been different; he could hear her voice and beckoned her call. He traveled Gaia from the forbidden desolate wastelands of the southern tip to the glorious continent of snow and light; along the way, collecting the six Phantatiom Elements.

    Legend vaguely speaks of a rival, known as SHEOL; once a friend, turned against him… who could also hear the voices of the Goddess’. However, as with all of ZION’s history, it is merely speculation and rumor. For all truth has been lost and like the Goddess’ existence, Gaia has forgotten it’s history and its legacy.

    But it will be the seeds of Prologue to Dies Irae; the future given to them by ZION and Evangeline, that will now present once again… Dies Irae. Gaia shall face its darkest day yet; and the sins of their saviors will come full circle. What are the truths of Prologue to Dies Irae? Who were the true heroes and who were the true enemies?

    Gaia shall now learn what they have forgotten… through one, single, thought… who desires nothing more than to refuse to remain but a mere memory any longer.

    Kingdom of Earth: Terra

    -Ruled over by the Empress Cassiel, Terra is the country of the Perfect Defense. They are also the most peaceful of the six kingdoms; always being more about defending themselves and their allies than about expanding their territory.

    -Unlike other kingdoms, Terra’s government is not solely pendant on the ruler. Instead, decisions pass through the Temple of Solomon–inhabited by peaceful monks. Only in time of war, does the ruler have absolute say. Other decisions must first be given the blessing of the monks.

    -To be continued

    Kingdom of Water: Rivers

    -Ruled over by the Emperor Aquarius, Rivers is the Technological Marvel of all of Gaia. Their science is far beyond their times, and always has been. They are masters at manipulating and understanding the evolution of the Phantatiom Particles residing within the humans.

    -Aside from their technology, they are also know for their medical science.

    -Though bitter enemies with Ardere, Rivers has often found themselves aiding them with their scientific breakthroughs.

    -Though part of their territory mingles with that of Zephyr, they have stationed an orphanage bent on educating the children whose parents fell victim to war or illness. With this goal, Zephyr has surrendered all rights to this territory for the greater good.

    -Rivers color code consists of several shades of Blue and Gold.

    -To be continued

    Kingdom of Wind: Zephyr

    -Ruled over by the Empress Canace, Zephyr is known as the Mechanical Future. Where Rivers is great in science, Zephyr sets the pace for colossal constructs. They alone are edging Gaia into an industrial revolution.

    -Previously known for building steam powered trains, they are currently on the verge of crafting Gaia’s first flying machine.

    -Zephyr’s kingdom is inaccessible from the outside due to it’s protective barrier; a gigantic tornado surrounding the entire city. To gain entrance, one must traverse the underground highway, which is a shopping center of it’s own merit. Often being mistaken for the Kingdom of Zephyr itself.

    -The tornado surrounding Zephyr is so immense that its winds carry to all edges of the continent. With cities conveniently placed at each corner; allowing for a total of eight cities within the Zephyr Provenance.

    Kingdom of Fire: Ardere

    -Ruled over by the Emperor Zaniel Vesta, Ardere is known as the Invincible State. Ardere has always been known for it’s dominating power; but since the new Emperor took up the thrown, they have never been more invincible. Utilizing resources from the other three kingdoms, they push the limits of what others have done before them and evolve them beyond their original state.

    -Ardere is also known as the Evolving State. For they have a keen eye for what the other kingdoms have paved the way for, and can evolve them far beyond their original aspects.

    -Ardere has always been plagued with ill willed leaders. It has also had it’s family line changed drastically through history; from the royal family of Pyralis to Constantine and cousin family Vesta. Bloodshed and betrayal is the curse of all royal families that reside within Ardere.

    -It is said that the Constantine and Vesta bloodlines stem from a powerful mercenary that aided the legendary ZION back in Prologue to Díes Írae; known only as Raven in histories pages.

    -The original uniform color for Emperors and high ranking official’s is a combination of Red, Black and Gold. However, in honor of the Third Era’s Sheol–the Blue Flame–Ardere adopted the colors of Blue and White for second ranked soldiers; such as apprentices and those serving under the Vestalis Maxima’s.

    Kingdom of Darkness: Nifelheim

    -Ruled over by the Emperor Lawrance Valentine, Nifelheim is the Kingdom of Beauty. Residing deep under the soil of Gaia, they are often mistaken for demons. The kingdom has a very sick sense of beauty and comedy. Often have the citizens been mistaken for crazy, mental, schiophrenic or other such disorders; with even their dazzlingly princess, Yulia, known to be extremely bi-polar.

    -It is also rumored that the seven princes are the only sane people residing within the kingdom. Despite their reputation, they are actually a very peaceful and kind kingdom.

    -Gaining entry to Nifelheim is a journey in itself; for it is protected by the Nine Circles of Hell. Each more horrific and terrifying than the last. For even leaving you must traverse these demonic layers; saying much about the denizen’s own powers.

    Kingdom of Light: Eden

    -Ruled over by the Empress Celeste, Eden is the Kingdom of Angels. They are the kingdom that resides within the sky. Through the blessing of Evangeline, their city is a gigantic mass of land that was given the ability to float eternally in the sky above all of Gaia and above the clouds.

    -Much like Nifelheim, gaining access to the kingdom is quite a daunting task. For you must travel through the Ten Heavenly Attributes; though not crawling with monsters, equally as challenging to pass through. In fact, it is said that no one has ever actually made it through all ten floors without a guide.

    -Eden is known as the Kingdom of Angel’s due to the fact that Light Phantatiom Users are best recongized by the wings of dazzling light that sprout from their backs whenever they are within the Kingdoms provenance.

    -Within the castle itself is a massive library said to have every known book in Gaia’s existence. It is also said that they this library possess every detail of Gaia’s history; including that in which was lost during the third era, and extensive details on Evangeline, Lilith, ZION and SHOEL. Within these walls, is all the knowledge known to man.

    -The Twelve Disciples are in sense both a Royal Guard and a Council. No one knows how they are except for the royal family. Each one protects one important aspect of Eden, such as the Library of Knowledge. They also serve as the ones behind the curtains pulling all the strings. Though unlike the Temple of Solomon, they do not get final say in any decision. Rather, they are there to advise and debate; always working as a single unit to give one ‘absolute’ answer to the Empress for final evaluation.





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